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Claire Jacobs
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Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Claire has settled in beautiful Portland with a view of the Big Rideau, where you may be greeted by her sweet Havanese fur baby, Capone.

Claire's art covers a wide range of subject matter as she is influenced by all that is around her. Her mediums of choice are oil and watercolour with relaxing exploration in the world of acrylic and resin flow art. Through use of vibrant colour, light and movement, Claire strives to create images that will draw you in, that may evoke feeling, emotion and connection.

With over twenty years art experience, Claire continues to surrender to the visual stimulation, the emotional engagement and the mental challenge experienced when she paints.


Several of her paintings have found permanent homes across Canada, in the US, in Finland and in England and a number of her works have received awards at art shows in Canada and the US. Claire is active in several art groups and associations in and around the Rideau Lakes area.


Claire also embraces every opportunity to cultivate and enhance art appreciation in Rideau Lakes by bringing artists to the community because art so nourishes the soul. 

Come follow Claire's ever evolving artistic adventure.     

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